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I have now ported my code to

I have now ported my code to work with LibRaw and most things worked fine instantly.
Up to now there have been only 2 issues I'd like to report:
1.) I had to
#define _WINSOCK2API_
#include "libraw\libraw.h"
in order to prevent winsock.h and winsock2.h being included both. (Looks like winsock.h is included somewhere else in one of my headers, but I couldn't locate where.)

2.) On calling convert_to_rgb() right after scale_colors() and pre_interpolate() an exception was thrown because the histogram buffer was not allocated.

I'm no going to build LibRaw_static.lib (with VS 2017). Thereby, I would like to include RawSpeed, since I often work with Canon CR2 Raws. Is there a recipe how to do this on Windows?