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Hi Alex, no worries! Hope it

Hi Alex, no worries! Hope it was good vacation time.

Here is my 8bit raw file on Google Drive:

Here it is demosaiced to a .tif using other software (with worse algorithms!):

I found a workaround to make LibRaw accept the file (and other 8bit files from the same camera)... I store each 8bit pixel in memory as if it were a 16bit pixel, then have LibRaw output 8bits. I cannot keep using this because it is exactly twice the amount of IO that should be done!

Hope it's an easy fix

P.S. might be helpful -
This one does not have 255-level pixels at the beginning, they are quite dark in the upper left.
It is in the "RGGB" RGRGRG.../GBGBGB.../ Bayer pattern