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Fuji X-E2s White Level


I'm noticing that LibRaw reports a different white level from Adobe's DNG for this camera (and possibly other Fuji cameras too).

Here is one publicly available test image.

I converted this image to a DNG using Adobe's DNG converter. The white level stored in the DNG is 16383.

But libraw.imgdata.color.maximum contains 15872 (0x3e00). It looks like this was set in dcraw_common.cpp in the identify() function.

maximum = (is_raw == 2 && shot_select) ? 0x2f00 : 0x3e00;

I chose a few X-E2s images that have a full tonal range (very dark to very bright pixels) and examined the pixel values in libraw.imgdata.rawdata.raw_image. The maximum value is 16383, so it would seem that DNG is reporting the correct value.

Is this a bug?