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LibRaw 18.0 with LCMS2 and Libjpeg-turbo.

Hi again,

I was reading this article and I saw that these libraries are *optional* I am trying to build a version of LibRaw that has support (is linked to) LCMS and Libjpeg Turbo.

So I went ahead and built everything LCMS and libjpeg the way I want. Now I am doing the following

1. going to libraw->properties->Linker->input->*add jpeg8,turbojpeg.lib, lcms.lib* to dependencies
2. libraw->properties->Linker->general->*add specified path to* to dependencies
3. Build solution.

Then I try to run the generated libraw.dll with dependency walker (, but I only see zlibwapi as an external dependency (it's the way I built it).

Then I decided to add the libraries as Delayload and I am getting the

```warning LNK4199: /DELAYLOAD:jpeg.dll ignored; no imports found from jpeg.dll```

I get the same if I add /DELAYLOAD to all the projects in LibRaw solution. So my question is - is this supported? if so, how do I add the libraries?