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Zlib with LibRaw 18.0.


I understand ZLIB is an external dependency for libraw 18.0 (the master branch). I've downloaded and built zlib 1.2.8 from following this tutorial:

except while doing the first and second steps I added /SAFESEH in both masmx86 and masmx64 since I was going to build this for 64 bit windows. Opened .sln with visual studio 13 changed the flags to /MT (for static build), created x64 version of configuration and built it.

Later I added zlibstat.lib and zlibwapi.lib (These were the only two libs that got generated) as dependency for libraw -> built libraw (x64 configuration and /MT flag). The build still asked for zlib.h and zconf.h. So I did the stupid thing and copied the files to libraw directory. This built everything, but when I tried opening libraw.dll with dependency walker ( to see if all dependencies were built correctly I got that ZLIBWAPI.DLL is missing.

Any idea what may be causing this problem? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.