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I don't understand ...

I have looked around at dcraw_common.ccp and I find no instance of setting data_size... ever. I looked at the latest dcraw.c source and I see the LibRaw version is doing something interesting in copying the entire JPEG data area and byte-flipping it whereas this is apparently done in the input buffer in dcraw.c. I can certainly understand a need/desire to keep the input buffer as "const", even at the expense of a huge malloc to hold the copy.

But this doesn't explain how data_size (which controls the malloc and byte swapping) gets set in things like RawDigger.

I put in some code to set data size at the beginning of kodak_jpeg_load_raw and it works flawlessly now. This isn't something I am comfortable with. I would very much like to understand how data_size is supposed to be set, given that it is buried in an "internal" struct, I am sure it is not an external parameter. Clearly, data_size is completely new to LibRaw and doesn't appear in the original dcraw.c source. But when I search on data_size in dcraw_common.cpp the only occurrences I find are reading it. Actually, I find no occurrence anywhere in LibRaw where this value is set.

What am I missing here?

Paul Crowley