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More specifics on problems

Well, that is the problem. No error codes. It is difficult to describe the contents of the image, but what I am getting is some fairly random noise.

Here is a link to everything:
There are three files: 600_0001.CRW (original), 600_0001.CRW.ppm (what it is supposed to show as) and 600_0001.CRW.jpg (what I am seeing).

It seems most of the failures are .CRW (Canon) images, at least so far. Some of the .CRW are working and .NEF is working fine for all of them.

I will see what I can do with the prebuilt binary for dcraw_emu and experiment with the -mem switch. My use of the library has the image loaded into memory already which is why I am using open_buffer. Basically where I am in this is that I took an older dcraw-conversion and ripped it out replacing it with libraw. It was mostly working before (and did work with .CRW files) but it was a dcraw from around 2009. I wanted to pick up more current camera support. Two weeks into the project... here I am.

Paul Crowley