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Thank you Alex.

Thank you Alex.

Could you possibly explain the steps required to compile those samples? Preferably using xcode?

Also building a command line tool from the modified sample file, how could I do this on a linux system?

I have no experience with working with c++.

I essentially need to extract out the thumbnail from a raw but be able to specify the output directory of the file.

Since I am watching the dir, when any new files are added I process them, but do not want to add the thumbnail to the same directory for several reasons. dcraw does not seem to have a flag to specify an output directory when extracting the thumbnail.

It also is creating strange images when we apply the color profile.

I would love to be able to dig into libraw and start creating dedicated command line tools for our processing, if you could direct me in the right direction to things I would need to learn and tools I would use.

Also, since this is going to run on raspberry pi, would you be able to recommend a build process that would work for a device like that?

I know this may be a lot to ask. Sorry for the newbie questions. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!