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Hi Alex, I appreciate the

Hi Alex, I appreciate the quick response.

OK maybe I'm overlooking something obvious, and correct me if I'm wrong.... but if I re-compile my app each time, and re-compile the libs, then I can link to either the 0.15.4 or 0.16.0 libs? So this is what I have been doing each time that I test. I am aware that the API has changed between those two libs, but I do not know of any functions I'm calling directly from my code that need to be altered to use the two different libs (see code snippet in my previous post).

So my code base stays the same for either lib, yet I get different answers for the bit depth of the same image (after calling dcraw_make_mem_image()) depending on which lib I link to under Mac. Also the windows compile of my app gives the same bit depth for both libs. As I say, maybe I'm overlooking something obvious....