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Thanks Alex. Its about what I

Thanks Alex.

Its about what I understood after some peeking around in the code.

So I guess that for the purpose of an own processor the sequence should be :
and from here I can do my own processing.

Can I have some more questions :
- I saw that there is an raw2image_ex as well ?
- In above process , what geometrical transformations are done on fuji types, non square or flipped image ?
- Concerning the blacklevel , can I assume it is black+cblack[color] (i.e. are they always properly initialized ?)
- Concerning the whitelevel, can I assume it is maximum ? (and blacklevel nor whitelevel is processed in any respect in the pipe I showed above, again I want to control ...)

By the way, thanks for your efforts making and keeping a library of dcraw !