Z 9 HE/HE* formats support plans

Any idea when the Nikon Z 9 HE/HE* formats will be supported?

These are needed for Affinity Photo to be able to support the Nikon Z 9.

Would like to be able to use something OTHER than subscription based Adobe Photoshop



We're working on it but there

We're working on it but there is no estimated completion date.

HE/HE* will definitely NOT be supported in the next public snapshot.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Any progress ?

There is a FFDShow add-on for the new JPEG-XS on GitHub, but I guess it won't read the .nef files. Or looking at it, might even introduce licensing problems? :-)

But how are you coming along? If you need sample files, I am happy to provide (Z8 files).

= = = C++ SW Developer - Nikon enthusiast = = =

happy to provide any Z9 RAW

happy to provide any Z9 RAW file samples if you need them.
Thanks for the great project.