Phase One IIQ decoding


I'm trying to use LibRaw to decode Phase One IIQ images from two cameras: iXM-100 (not officially supported) and IQ280 (supported). I save results to .tif files and thumbnails to .pnm. I used all default settings.
Code I used:

I also tried to use Open Image IO tool (which as I understand uses LibRaw as backend).

Now for all case I get different visual results I put comparison of results here:

I see that image created by my code has different colors from one created from iX Capture but
thumbnail extracted with LibRaw look almost the same. Image from oiiotool looks to have the same colors as iX Capture but is much darker.

So my goals are:
1. Understand the source of differences. Could You give me some hints or resources that I could read. I am new to this subject.
2. Try to get output from LibRaw that is visually closer to iX Catputre.

Any feedback highly appreciated :)

IQ280 example files can be downloaded from:

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According to your code, you

According to your code, you use 'all defaults' for libraw processing (dcraw_process), so daylight white balance and automatic 1%-ETTR brightness correction.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

I'm in the same situation too

I'm in the same situation too. Did you find any solution to your problem?