Windows & LCMS


The installation notes just say that the Windows version compiles without LCMS support...

Does that mean there's no (reasonably easy) way to compile LibRaw in Visual Studio and LCMS support?

If it can be done, I'd like to as most of my pictures are taken with Adobe or ProPhoto profiles and look wrong when developed in LibRaw.

Many thanks



(I've seen your another

(I've seen your another messages that lcms linking problem has solved).

LCMS is used only if
- custom camera profile is provided via imgdata.params
- output color profile is provided the same way (or output is sRGB)
- LCMS support is compiled in

LCMS support does nothing in normal processing pipeline (no custom color profile).

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thanks Alex

Thanks Alex

I have it compiled and working. Works really well :-)



Steps of compiling with LCMS

Could you please point out how you made it work with VS?
I have also compiled Libraw with enabled LCMS (by modifying Makefile.msvc file) and the generated executables work just fine supporting LCMS. However, not when I link Libraw to my VS. It still seems like it doesn't support LCMS. any advice?