compile latest code

first - thank you for all the new code

my working (tested on other libraw) will not compile the new code

for now just eg the samples

I use make -f makefile.mingw

my ignorance

no matching function for call to "std::basic_filebuf:: open(const wchar_t*,std::_IosOpenmode) etc etc

looks like my compile string is incomplete

help please


Not quite there

I ran in to a syntax error at #endif /* _LIBRAW_CLASS_H */

This may not be the correct endif (the compiler says there is an extra ( or maybe an extra if

I think I have not repaired this correctly as my fix then causes a bunch of errors
in libraw_c_api.cpp

If I knew what I was doing this would be an easy fix


ok it all works but I had to use a different mingw compiler to get it all working
and even though it worked fine on the samples - my code which is based on the
samples was a bit fussy
I recommend using the latest compiler if on windows 10