Renditions of Three Popular Colour Targets

These Lab renditions of Macbeth ColorChecker, ColorChecker DC, and ColorChecker SG (attached archive contains three 16-bit Lab TIFF files of the targets; if you need them larger please upsize in Photoshop using "Nearest Neighbor" method in Image -> Image Size) can serve as a visual reference as well as for adjustments "by numbers" during raw conversion and post-processing.

Please note that ColorChecker SG contains a structure very similar in appearance to 24-patch regular ColorChecker; but the values of patches are in fact different.

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Were these produced from

Were these produced from spectral data, from measured or published LAB values, or from RGB data in a known colorspace and whitepoint? What is the illuminant used?

Okay, good. That will produce

Okay, good. That will produce the best results. What illuminant was used - D65? D50?

It was D50, 3 of CC24

It was D50, 3 of CC24 averaged (last batch), 2 SG and 2 DC. Device used was Gretag Spectrolino.

Iliah Borg

colorchecker sg spectrolino & eye one

thanks for these files

i am using an e1io(uv)and have a delta E of about 3 to the GM spectrolino data

is the program you used to convert the GB measured text lab values to an image available? you would be welcome to my i1 results


david morrell
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