Orientation of some Canon files wrong in LibRaw 0.19-Snapshot-20170212


Using dcraw_emu.exe compiled from the LibRaw 0.19-Snapshot-20170212.

Some Canon files are being displayed with the wrong orientation, they show as landscape when they should be portrait.

Looking at the code I found a place in dcraw_common.cpp with a note saying :

#if 0 /* Canon rotation data is handled by EXIF.Orientation */

If I re-enable that piece of code then the images show correctly. I tried to look around for "EXIF.Orientation" or something like it but couldn't find it.

Is it OK to fix the problem by re-enabling that piece of code? If not, where should I be looking for the camera orientation info?


PS: This is working well in 0.18.2

Image icon orientaton.JPG11.66 KB


Could you please provide link

Could you please provide link to some samples?

(modern) Canon files has EXIF.Orientation tag, indeed

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC