WB to Temp and Tint

I know, this question was asked more than once, but I still have not been able to find a solution.
I want to translate the white balance coefficients into Temperature and Tint, as for example, this is done in FastRawViewer.
For this, I used dng_temperature from the DNG SDK (about the error with the typing I know).
I receive rgb_cam from cam_xyz with cam_xyz_coeff for my camera. The rgb_cam now stores the matrix from the camera to sRGB.
To get XYZ, I multiply rgb_cam by xyz_rgb. And multiply the resulting matrix by the RGB value. I hope I understood the dcraw code correctly.
Now the question arises, what exactly to use as RGB. I suggested that I need to divide the pre_mul by a white balance factor. As a result, I get values ​​that are approximately similar to Temp / Tint, but there is no accuracy that is found in FastRawViewer.
I need help, I seem to be mistaken somewhere.
If it's easier to look at the code, here's the my test:

	double out_cam[3][4];
	double pre_mul[4] = {0,0,0,0};
	double cam_xyz[4][3] = { {0.6722,-0.0635,-0.0963},{-0.4287,1.2460,0.2028},{-0.0908,0.2162,0.5668} }; // 5D Mark III
	double black = 0;
	double maximum = 0x3c80;
	double rgb_cam[3][4] = {0};
	int i, j, k;
	int colors = 3;
	cam_xyz_coeff (rgb_cam, cam_xyz, pre_mul);
	double dblRGGB[4] = 
		//{1986.0, 1024.0, 1024.0, 1628.0 }; // RGGB 5200
		//{1438.0, 1024.0, 1024.0, 2399.0 }; // RGGB 3200
		{2275.0, 1024.0, 1024.0, 1393.0 }; // RGGB 7000
	double dblWB[3] = {0, 0, 0};
	double dblRGB[3] = {0, 0, 0};
	double dblXYZ[3] = {0, 0, 0};
	GetWBcoef(dblRGGB, dblWB);
	for (i=0; i < 3; i++) dblWB[i] = pre_mul[i] / dblWB[i];
	double dblWBmax = MAX(dblWB[0],MAX(dblWB[1],dblWB[2]));
	for (i=0; i < 3; i++) dblRGB[i] = dblWB[i] / dblWBmax;
	for (i=0; i < 3; i++)
      for (j=0; j < colors; j++)
	for (out_cam[i][j] = double(k=0); k < 3; k++)
	  out_cam[i][j] += xyz_rgb[i][k] * rgb_cam[k][j];
	dblXYZ[0] = dblXYZ[1] = dblXYZ[2] = 0;
	for (i=0; i < colors; i++) {
	  dblXYZ[0] += out_cam[0][i] * dblRGB[i];
	  dblXYZ[1] += out_cam[1][i] * dblRGB[i];
	  dblXYZ[2] += out_cam[2][i] * dblRGB[i];
	dng_temperature t;
	dng_vector_3 coord(dblXYZ[0],dblXYZ[1],dblXYZ[2]);
	dng_xy_coord xy = XYZtoXY (coord);
	double Temp = t.Temperature();
	double Tint = t.Tint();


1/2 Solved

To get the same Temp/Tint as in ACR you you need to do:
1. CameraNeutral[3] = {G1/R,1,G1/B}; // R, G1, B are WB mul
2. use NeutralToXY from dng_sdk_1_4\dng_sdk\source\dng_color_spec.cpp
3. use Set_xy_coord from dng_sdk_1_4\dng_sdk\source\dng_temperature.cpp to get Temp/Tint

I rewrote the code and got the same result as in ACR. But there is a trouble. I have to get CameraCalibration matrixf for RAW. Another matrix I goto from Adobe dcp files (from DNG Converter).