[patch] pkg-config fixes

Attached you can find a patch that fixes the following problems with the pkg-config files:

* The version number was fixed at 0.9.1. It is now taken from ./version.sh.
* The "Requires:" field was fixed to "lcms" even if lcms2 or nothing is used. It is now set to "lcms", "lcms2" or empty as appropriate.
* The lcms dependency libraries were duplicated in the "Libs" field. This is not necessary, the "Requires" field takes care of that.
* The openmp compiler option was present in the "Cflags" and missing from the "Libs" field. This is AFAIK exactly the wrong way round (at the very least, it must be present in the "Libs" field, but isn't necessary in the "Cflags" field AFAIK). This prevented shotwell from building successfully (http://trac.yorba.org/ticket/3032).

Kind regards

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