DNG with jpeg-xl compresseion


Reading some posts in the XnViewMP forum, I found a DNG image that LibRaw does not convert into a JPEG image.
Please see: https://community.adobe.com/t5/camera-raw-discussions/samsung-s24u-exper...

I use the latest libraw compiled without dng-sdk.
The error message is: Cannot open : Unsupported file format or not RAW file

ExifTool reports for this DNG-image that it uses jpeg-xl compression (which is very new to me).

Are you aware of this new "DNG file format"?
Will it be supported by LibRaw or is the fault on my side?

Thanks in advance for your comments and help.
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1) We're aware

1) We're aware
2) Yes it will be supported
3) It will be supported via Adobe DNG SDK Integration

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

DNG SDK vs. libjxl

Is there a reason for using the DNG SDK instead of directly integrating with libjxl?

Would a pull request that attempted to support the libjxl path instead as an option be accepted, just like libjpeg8 is an optional library?

I'm thinking of taking a crack at support via libjxl, but don't want the effort to be redundant.

There is no reason to

There is no reason to integrate w/ libjxl, because Adobe DNG SDK is already integrated (it is free and BSD-licensed, there are no reasons against using it).

Also, libjxl integration is not enough, such DNG files may need full opcode processing not only Stage1 (provided by LibRaw).

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC