Windows exe with metadata and GoPro support

Hi all,

I am not capable of compiling code so I use the precompiled Windows *.exe files.
Using those, is there a way to get the file metadata?

Also, the "unprocessed_raw.exe" does not read GoPro 10 and 11 GPRs, but RawDigger does (because it uses the SDK). Is it possible to provide an *.exe file that enables me to save the GoPro RAW as tiff?



What metadata you're asking

What metadata you're asking for? Probably it is better to use exiftool for it.

Providing LibRaw binaries with 3rd-party decoders/decompressors compiled in (libjpeg, libdeflate/libz, libjasper, Adobe DNG SDK, GoPro SDK) may result into 3rd-party libraries version conflicts: for example LibRaw uses libjpeg-turbo, while calling applications is linked with standard jpeg libraries.

So, the developer who uses LibRaw should select LibRaw configuration and 3rd-party libraries used.

In general: LibRaw is for developers, not for end-users, provided samples are samples only to demonstrate LibRaw abilities.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Metadata and MATLAB

Dear Alex,

thank you for your swift reply. OK, I understand. I mainly use MATLAB (R2022a) -which uses LibRaw- but encountered the issue of not being able to open GPR files. That is why I started to delve into the LibRaw *.exe files. So I will wait until the next MATLAB release (R2023a). Maybe they then support GoPro's GPR files.

As for metadata, I use Exiftool extensively but found the MATLAB implementation of getting RAW metadata (again using LibRaw) faster than my code (which also needs to call Exiftool). However, for a Nikon P6000 file, the CFA layout delivered by MATLAB is different from the one given in Exiftool. And since I also have RAWdigger and see that the individual channels are displayed correctly, I wondered where the error comes from. That was my reason to ask if there would be a LibRaw *.exe file to extract metadata.
If it would be a LibRaw error, then RAWdigger would display the channels wrongly, I guess. But also a MATLAB error seems strange as they use LibRaw.

If you want, I could send you the file. Many thanks for what you do and for spreading your knowledge!


Yes, RawDigger relies on

Yes, RawDigger relies on LibRaw imgdata.idata.filters to get CFA layout. Also, if LibRaw CFA pattern/layout detection is wrong it will result into a wrong rendering.

Sorry, no not know how Matlab uses LibRaw.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC