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Metadata and MATLAB

Dear Alex,

thank you for your swift reply. OK, I understand. I mainly use MATLAB (R2022a) -which uses LibRaw- but encountered the issue of not being able to open GPR files. That is why I started to delve into the LibRaw *.exe files. So I will wait until the next MATLAB release (R2023a). Maybe they then support GoPro's GPR files.

As for metadata, I use Exiftool extensively but found the MATLAB implementation of getting RAW metadata (again using LibRaw) faster than my code (which also needs to call Exiftool). However, for a Nikon P6000 file, the CFA layout delivered by MATLAB is different from the one given in Exiftool. And since I also have RAWdigger and see that the individual channels are displayed correctly, I wondered where the error comes from. That was my reason to ask if there would be a LibRaw *.exe file to extract metadata.
If it would be a LibRaw error, then RAWdigger would display the channels wrongly, I guess. But also a MATLAB error seems strange as they use LibRaw.

If you want, I could send you the file. Many thanks for what you do and for spreading your knowledge!