Canon 80D scattered image


When I am taking picture using a Canon 80D face down, most of the image converted by libraw (current master branch as Sep/26/2016) look kind of scattered and messed up. If I take picture while taking camera horizontally, all the images are OK. I have attached a converted one by libraw. Please let me know how I can send you the raw file since it has the right image in it.

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I converted the file with

I converted the file with
dcraw_emu -T -6 -w IMG_0007.CR2
and it looks normal.Could you please try the same?

Iliah Borg

Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the quick reply. dcraw_emu converts the image properly. Now I can see where the problem is. The image has been rotated by camera but I am processing it as if it's in landscape position.

Same result: tested with up

Same result: tested with up-to-date libraw's dcraw_emu without problem.

Do you use your own code with LibRaw or use libraw samples to test?

-- Alex Tutubalin

I wonder is there any way

I wonder is there any way that I can get the rotation information using the API?

imgdata.sizes.flip contains

imgdata.sizes.flip contains rotation information got from file
imgdata.params.user_flip - rotation, forced by user

Both are in same format: 0=none, 3=180, 5=90CCW, 6=90CW

libraw_processed_image_t (result from ..mem_image() calls) contains height/with of (rotated) image.

-- Alex Tutubalin