LibRaw Visual Studio Problem

I am trying to install LibRaw and get it to work with Visual Studio 2015. I think I managed to successfully build the library but when I open the Visual Studio file I get an error during debugging:

Unable to start program
The system cannot find the file specified

When I look inside my folder, this exact file is under this location: "C:\Users\Kacper\Desktop\example\LibRaw-0.17.2\buildfiles\debug\libraw.dll"

I am not sure how to tell visual studio to correct this.

I have also attached a 3 min youtube video demonstrating how I installed LibRaw and how I get to the problem, maybe it will make it easier to spot my mistake:

I appreciate any help, I'm new to Visual Studio IDE so forgive me stupid mistakes.


DLL file is a (shared)

DLL file is a (shared) library, it cannot be 'started'

-- Alex Tutubalin

Yes I understand, but how

Yes I understand, but how would I go about running the examples (i.e. 4channels.exe) in Visual Studio after installing the library?

In Visual Studio Solution

In Visual Studio Solution Explorer:
- right click on project you want to run on debug (dcraw_emu, etc)
- select 'Set as startup project' in pull-down menu

-- Alex Tutubalin

The target .exe does exist, I

The target .exe does exist, I had to change a few properties in the linker so Visual Studio was able to find it. Now when I debug the dcraw_emu.cpp a blank window briefly flashes and I get the following message:

"The program '[10976] dcraw_emu.exe' has exited with code 1 (0x1)."

I've added the breakpoint at

I've added the breakpoint at the beginning of main() inside dcraw_emu.cpp but I get the same result as before.

Is the program run outside of

Is the program run outside of debugger?

(use CMD window to run it to see 'command line help' output if you run it without raw file on command line)

-- Alex Tutubalin

When I run the program

When I run the program through command prompt (*.exe located in the bin folder) it seems to work fine, I can for example load my Raw file and get 4 seperate tiff files using 4channels.exe

I know this is old, but

I know this is old, but 17barski, do you know what specifically you changed or set things to? I'm having the same basic problem where I set dcraw_emu to "Set as Startup Project", compiled everything, saw that dcraw_emu.exe and libraw.dll are in the debug folder, and still get errors saying that the files don't exist. Thanks