Crash with NEF file in scale_colors

I'm trying out Libraw 14.6 and many images seem to work fine, but an old Nikon D70 NEF is causing crashes that seem to occur in scale_colors.

Can someone please test this file with the latest version and let me know if the crash is real or I am doing something wrong when using the library?



Btw, I'm running on 64-bit

Btw, I'm running on 64-bit Windows 7 and doing openBuffer, unpack, dcraw_process, and dcraw_make_mem_image and checking the return codes for each call.

File seems ok. It was a

File seems ok. It was a subtle synchronization problem in my code. I was just surprised it occured in the same method all the time. Thanks for the quick reply!

Both 0.14.7 and 0.15-Alpha4

Both 0.14.7 and 0.15-Alpha4 (both - Windows version) works OK.
I use dcraw_emu sample for testing.

-- Alex Tutubalin