what to do if imgdata.color.cam_xyz are all 0s

One of the images that I accessed had no values in the imgdata.color.cam_xyz array. All of them are 0.
My question is that, in absence of values of xyz to rgb conversion matrix, how do I do color correction?


Hi Alex, I'm facing the same

Hi Alex,
I'm facing the same problem. I get the bayers pattern from an industrial camera. Is there some methods to create the cam_xyz matrix ?

Another question.
Does LibRaw/dcraw need the cam_xyz matrix because it performs the post processing in XYZ color space ? If so, is it possible/easy to disable this transformation, so that one can do the post processing directly in RBG color space if an image is captured from e.g from Canon camera in CR2 format

Libraw calculates output

Libraw calculates output transform (in RGB) based on output space matrix and xyz-matrix оf camera (see cam_xyz_coeff code).

If you don't have you camera color matrix, you may set output_parameter to 0 and you'll get non-converted (raw) colors from your camera.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC