LibRaw 0.18-beta1

LibRaw 0.18-Beta1 available at download page. Github repo is also updated.

There is a lot of changes, in short:

  • Licensing changed: no 'LibRaw Software license', please select between LGPL 2.1 and CDDL 1.0
  • Camera support: 78 cameras added (relative to 0.17.2)
  • Floating point DNG support (native, no need for DNG SDK, see below)
  • LibRaw can be built with Adobe DNG SDK support to decode exotic DNG formats (e.g. 8-bit DNG)
  • Lot of getters/setters added to C-API
  • Libraw compilation flags are accessible on runtime via LibRaw::capabilities() call
  • More metadata parsed: white balance presets, DNG colordata, vendor specific metadata

See bundled Changelog and documentation for details.


Compilation fix when using openmp

Hi, compilation fails when openmp is enabled. My fix below:

--- a/src/libraw_xtrans_compressed.cpp
+++ b/src/libraw_xtrans_compressed.cpp
@@ -738,10 +738,11 @@ void LibRaw::xtrans_compressed_load_raw()

void LibRaw::xtrans_decode_loop(const struct xtrans_params* common_info, int count, INT64* raw_block_offsets, unsigned *block_sizes)
+ int cur_block;
#pragma omp parallel for private(cur_block)
- for (int cur_block = 0; cur_block < count ; cur_block++)
+ for (cur_block = 0; cur_block < count ; cur_block++)
xtrans_decode_strip(common_info, cur_block, raw_block_offsets[cur_block], block_sizes[cur_block]);



To be included in beta-2

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC