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thanks for your reply. I

thanks for your reply. I have more general questions, if I may pick your brain for more info...

Is there much image degradation if I were to use a gel (rather than glass filter) over my lens? I happened to settled upon a Roscoe Pink (4830) for my D80. After evaluating a sample set of Roscoe swatches alongside UniWB. I found that the Pink resulted in the least amount of Red and Blue WB adjustment for the D80 with flash as the light source. I never really use the filter, but I was so intrigued by all the posts that I read on dpreview that I had to try it out for myself as an academic exercise.

At the moment, I'm using NX 2.1 for raw conversion; I finally decided to give it a shot after using NX 1.3 for a while. The workflow of NX 2 still isn't very good, but I like the auto color aberration capability, and I just noticed that the WB problem (aka FixNEF) is now resolved.

As a side note, I don't have a Mac... otherwise I would use RPP. I was able to load OSX on my PC, but I had a weird issue with OSX changing my system clock such that it was 12 hours off. Anyway, RPP seemed very nice (evaluated 3 months ago), but I was getting some weird demosaicing artifacts (zig zags, if I recall, with AHD). I noticed that there is new multiprocessor capability with the latest version of RPP, so I may have to give it a shot again.

regards / roy