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Thanks for the explanation.

Thanks for the explanation. If people are somehow reading "The simple lesson to be learned from this is to bias your exposures so that the histogram is snugged up to the right" to mean "bias your exposure so the histogram is snugged u to the left" then they are (sorry to be blunt) clueless, espacially given the two histograms labelled

"Normal Exposure
Centered Histogram"


"Histogram to the Right
For Maximim S/N Ratio"

which visually and clearly indicate exposing to the right.

On the other hand, his glib "not to the point that the highlights are blown" is inaccurate. Firstly, some hilights are always blown in a real world scene; its a question of how badly. Secondly, ETTR trades of more blown hilights for less shadow noise. His article should make that more clear.