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> So how about posting a link

> So how about posting a link to the images used for this article.

Those are thousands I discussed myself, and the point photographers were making was always "we are following ETTR", or, more specifically, often pointing to that article on Reichmann's site (and yes, his name is spelled with two "n" at the end). The images come from the everyday practice of pre-press, from different photosites, forums, etc. At some point in one pre-press bureau we were to arrange a practical shooting session to dispel the myth created by the phrase you quoted, "...bias your exposures so that the histogram is snugged up to the right, but not to the point that the highlights are blown." The idea that this note was written based on one image taken by one person is totally wrong.

The other problem with the ETTR as per LL approach is that it does not take into account how the camera actually meters, and how much negative compensation is already applied before displaying the histogram. For different cameras it is between 0.5 and 1 eV negative.

Iliah Borg