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Thank you for your prompt

Thank you for your prompt information.
If only one of the four possible values is filled with data by unpack, then there must be either some information about the mosaic pattern or the unfilled items must be marked by a special value?
It would be nice to have a low level funtion, which just writes the sensor data (only 1 ushort per pixel) to a specified buffer:
unpack(unsigned short *buffer, int pitch)
Of course, the user has to assure that there ist enough memory allocated. This rather flexible function has also the advantage that the user can padd the data appropriately, which is often neccessary. Also the DNG-SDK unpacks in stage1 the raw data with just one 16 bit value per pixel, if it's not a Foveon sensor. At least internally such a function should precede libraw::unpack(). It would be nice to have such a function also for libraw users.