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I've tried that. No change :-

I've tried that. No change :-(
Visual Studio 2022 17.8.1

I've also disabled the optimization for the get_decoder_info() function and even for the declarations for vc5_dng_load_raw_placeholder() and jxl_dng_load_raw_placeholder() in the header.
Did a full rebuild of LibRaw each time, just in case.
No change in the name returned!

I then moved the call to get_decoder_info into a separate function in my code (returns true if the options should be added) and wrapped that in optimize off / on.
Same result. Still returned the wrong name.

I think this is something really strange with Maximum Optimization that somehow rolls things together on a more global level. Normal Optimization works, so I'll use that for now. Until you maybe change the code to work around this somehow.