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Thank you for the file sample

Thank you for the file sample.

Here is processing results:

dcraw_emu command line used for that:

dcraw_emu -dngsdk -R 3145728 -T 2023-11-11 003-Pano.dng

Technical details:

  1. The image is linearized via OpcodeList2 tag value; For similar images use of OpcodeList3 is also possible (probably depends on Adobe software version used).
  2. By default, only OpcodeList1 tag is processed by LibRaw
  3. To enable OpcodeList2/3 processing LIBRAW_RAWOPTIONS_DNG_STAGE2_IFPRESENT/LIBRAW_RAWOPTIONS_DNG_STAGE3_IFPRESENT flags should be added to imgdata.rawparams.options
  4. This translates into numeric value of (1<<20)|(1<<21) so 3145728

This is not perfect solution if one do not want to apply OpcodeList2/3 for all DNG files containing these tags.

To improve it: query decoder used via LibRaw::get_decoder_info() and set the flags only for jxl_dng_load_raw_placeholder() and/or lossy_dng_load_raw() decoders.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC