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Thanks for the suggestions

1) when using dcraw_emu, -g 1 0 doesn't seem to have an effect on top of -W. I actually don't have a problem with having a non-unitary gamma, as long as it is the same on all images. I can compensate for that later in the processing.

2) White Balance is not really a problem neither, I have a neutral area in the target I'm imaging and I will in any case perform white balance using that.

3) I did look at unprocessed_raw and it does give a linear output. However, it returns images before demosaicing, which I'd prefer not to have to code in myself, since I'd assume libRAW has significantly better functionality for this than I can code. I'd rather invest time into trying to get linear output from built-in functionality than having to code demosaicing.

So, what I'd like to find out is if there is something we can do to get rid of that extra processing that happens in dcraw_emu -W, but without going as far back as unprocessed_raw.