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LibRaw 0.21 Release

LibRaw 0.21 Release is just published in our Github repository and this site download section.

Changes are:

Camera format support

  • Phase One/Leaf IIQ-S v2 support
  • Canon CR3 filmrolls/RawBurst
  • Canon CRM (movie) files
  • Tiled bit-packed (and 16-bit unpacked) DNGs
  • (non-standard) Deflate-compressed integer DNG files are allowed

Camera support

  • Canon EOS R3, R7 and R10
  • Fujifilm X-H2S, X-T30 II
  • OM System OM-1
  • Leica M11
  • Sony A7-IV (ILCE-7M4)
  • DJI Mavic 3
  • Nikon Z9: standard compression formats only

Multiple (resultion) thumbnails support

  • New imgdata.thumbs_list data item with data fields:
      int thumbcount: thumbnail count
      libraw_thumbnail_item_t thumblist[LIBRAW_THUMBNAIL_MAXCOUNT]: list of thumbnails
      libraw_thumbnail_item_t fields:
      enum LibRaw_internal_thumbnail_formats tformat: internal thumbnail format (this is not PPM/JPEG, but internal type related to thumbnail reading/unpacking method)
      ushort twidth, theight: thumbnail image size.
      ushort tflip: image rotation (see notes below)
      unsigned tlength: on-disk data size (not uncompressed for compressed formats)
      unsigned tmisc: bit depth and channel count: (color INT64 toffset: Thumbnail data offset in file
    • Only TIFF-based and CR3 files are parsed for thumbnail list, other formats will have thumbcount = 1 (or 0 if no thumbnail found in file).
    • Thumbnail image size may be unknown (not recorded in metadata), in this case twidth and theight are zero. Usually small(er) thumbnails will always have twidth/theight filled, while largest one may have these fields set to zero.
    • Thumbnail rotation (tflip) is filled only for TIFF-based RAWs (if Orientation tag is not present in IFD, default zero value is used) For non-tiff images, tflip is initialized to 0xffff (not known...)
    • There is no code to select thumbnail based on some criteria (e.g. minimal resolution), it is left to user to implement such a criteria, if needed (see unpack_thumb_ex() call below)
    • If you want to get largest possible thumbnail: just use old unpack_thumb() call to get it.
  • new API call: LibRaw::unpack_thumb_ex(int i): Unpacks i-th thumbnail if it exists into imgdata.thumbnail structure i should be non-zero and less then imgdata.thumbs_list.thumbcount.
  • samples/simple_dcraw.cpp: new -E command line switch to extract all thumbnails from input file(s)

(Experimental) RawSpeed "version 3" (develop branch) support

Build with -DUSE_RAWSPEED3, see details in RawSpeed3/
LibRaw::capabilities will set bit LIBRAW_CAPS_RAWSPEED3 if compiled w/ RawSpeed-v3 support
If file was processed (or tried to process) via RawSpeed-v3, these bits are rised in imgdata.process_warnings:
  • LIBRAW_WARN_RAWSPEED3_PROCESSED - processed via RawSpeed v3
  • LIBRAW_WARN_RAWSPEED3_PROBLEM - not processed (due to exception in RawSpeed library)
  • LIBRAW_WARN_RAWSPEED3_NOTLISTED - file not listed in cameras.xml data
RawSpeed-v3 support is controlled via libraw_decoder_info.t->flags (LIBRAW_DECODER_TRYRAWSPEED3 bit). The bit is set for:
  • lossless jpeg decoder
  • Canon sRAW decoder
  • lossless compressed and packed-compressed DNG decoders
  • Pentax decoder
  • Nikon (compressed) decoder
  • Phase One Compressed and Hasselblad/Compressed decoders
  • bitpacked decoder
  • Panasonic (old 12-bit compression) decoder
  • Olympus decoder
  • Sony ARW (v1 and v2) decoders
  • Samsung (version 1) decoder

(Experimental) Fine control of RawSpeed version selection/use

To enable, build LibRaw with -DUSE_RAWSPEED_BITS
LibRaw::capabilities will set bit LIBRAW_CAPS_RAWSPEED_BITS if compiled with this flag.
If enabled: imgdata.rawparams.use_rawspeed becomes bit-field (instead of 0/1 off/on) with bits:
  • LIBRAW_RAWSPEEDV1_USE - use RawSpeed Version 1 (if compiled with)
  • LIBRAW_RAWSPEEDV1_FAILONUNKNOWN - do not process unknown files (not listed in RawSpeed v1 camera definitions file)
  • LIBRAW_RAWSPEEDV1_IGNOREERRORS - ignore mirror decoding errors (out of range data,etc)
  • LIBRAW_RAWSPEEDV3_USE - Use RawSpeed Version 3 (if compiled with)
  • LIBRAW_RAWSPEEDV3_FAILONUNKNOWN - do not process unknown files
  • LIBRAW_RAWSPEEDV3_IGNOREERRORS - ignore minor decoding errors

Misc changes/improvements

  • New compile time define LIBRAW_OWN_SWAB to use on platforms without swab() in C/C++ runtime
    If set: image orientation is set based on TIFF/IFD0:Orientation tag, makernotes orientation data is ignored
  • Nikon makernotes: read NEFCompression tag for HE/HE* files
  • Nikon orientation tag: more fixed offsets for known cameras
  • Adobe DNG SDK 1.6 support (meaning, just an additional patch for GPR SDK)
  • Removed LibRaw::memerr(), memory allocation failures are already handled in LibRaw_memmgr::*alloc w/ exception thrown
  • Removed memory error callback, out-of-memory error should be handled via returned error code check, all related parameters (e.g. LibRaw constructor option to not set such callback) is also removed
  • imgdata.params.adjust_maximum_thr is settable via C-API libraw_set_adjust_maximum_thr(..)
  • New rawoptions/processing flags for DNG processing if compiled with Adobe DNG SDK:
    LIBRAW_RAWOPTIONS_DNG_STAGE2_IFPRESENT,LIBRAW_RAWOPTIONS_DNG_STAGE3_IFPRESENT If these flag(s) are set: Stage2/Stage3 processing will be performed only if OpcodeList2/OpcodeList3 tags are present in the input DNG file Old (hard) flags (LIBRAW_RAWOPTIONS_DNG_STAGE2 and LIBRAW_RAWOPTIONS_DNG_STAGE3) are not removed and will force Stage2/3 processing if set (regardless of input file tags)
  • New imgdata.rawparams.options bit: LIBRAW_RAWOPTIONS_DNG_ADD_MASKS If set: DNG Transparency Masks will be extracted (if selected via shot_select)

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed possible out-of-buffer read in Nikon orientation tag parser
  • Windows datastream: fixed logic errors (not showing up in real life)
  • Out-of-range read-only array access in postprocessing if output_color is set to 0 (raw color)
  • Minolta Z2 was not recognized correctly on 32-bit systems
  • Fixed possible buffer overflow in Kodak C330 decoder
  • dcraw_process(): check for buffer allocation results to avoid NULL deref