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Thanks - seems to work now

Hi Alex,

with dcraw_emu using -M -o 0 -c 0 -j -W -q 1 -4 -T as arguments, both TIFF images converted from CR3 now look equally bright, and the two TIFF images converted from the corresponding DNG files also look equally bright. However, the TIFF images converted from CR3 and DNG differ in brightness. Is this by design?

I'm now trying to figure out how to use it programmatically. The parameter adjust_maximum_thr seems not to be accessible from the libraw_set_... API. I'm using C# with InteropServices. I think I can write such method and amend it to libraw; or better maybe you should consider the addition of this method (something like libraw_set_maximum_threshold).

I already used in my program:

libraw_set_no_auto_bright(handler, 1);
libraw_set_bright(handler, 1.0f);

so I expected no automatic brightness adjustment anyway.

Thanks, LelliD