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Unable to read RAW image from Agfa Photo DC-833m sensor

I am using libraw 0.20.2 for reading RAW files. I have been handed two files generated from a DC-833m sensor. The user of my application has captured this using an evaluation kit + DC-833m sensor + Software that came with it.

You can find the two RAW files at the link below:

libraw is able to read only one of the files 3264x2448.raw. But the information reported appears to be incorrect. The user claims the file is only 10-bit, but the values read in have a max value of 1060. Additional white level reported is 4095. The specific comments were "actual data aligned to MSB that means LSB 6bits are dummy bits, only 10bits MSB is image data."

The second file 1632x1224.raw errors out with the error:
Cannot decode : Unsupported file format or not RAW file

The user claims that ImageJ and ImaTest software are able to read the 1632x1224.raw files as well.

Confirming if this is the expected behaviour or a bug with libraw.