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LibRaw 202110 snapshot

LibRaw 202110 snapshot is just published in our Github repository. Changes are:

Camera Format support

  • Sony Lossless compressed support
  • Panasonic v6/12 bit

Camera support

  • DJI Mavic Air 2S
  • Fujifilm GFX 50S II; GFX 100S, X-E4
  • GoPro HERO9, HERO10 (if compiled w/ USE_GPR_SDK)
  • Nikon Z fc
  • Panasonic GH5 Mark II
  • Pentax K3 Mark III
  • Olympus E-P7
  • Ricoh GR IIIx
  • Sony A1, A7R-IIIA (ILCE-7RM3A), A7R-IVA (ILCE-7RM4A), ZV-E10
  • Canon EOS M50 Mark II was supported but not listed in camera list
  • Multiple phones tested and added to cameralist.cpp
  • Support for RaspberryPi HQ camera (if compiled w/ USE_6BY9RPI)
  • Improved support for RPi V1/V2 cameras:
    • white balance data extraction
    • color matrix extracted to imgdata.color.cmatrix to use with use_camera_matrix.
    • full-size thumbnail/preview support for JPEG+RAW files (raspistill -r)

API-ABI changes

    imgdata.params.shot_select moved to imgdata.rawparams.shot_select (because this is decode-time option, not postprocessing option)
  • libraw_open_bayer(...) added to C-API
  • separate SensorLeftBorder,SensorTopBorder.... (and many other datafields) are united in libraw_area_t (rectangle) groups for crop areas and optical black areas.
  • Additional fields in libraw_internal_data.unpacker_data:
    • INT64: exif_offset: base offset of 1st EXIF IFD in file
    • INT64: ifd0_offset: base offset of 1st TIFF IFD (IFD0) in file
    • unsigned cr3_exif_length, cr3_ifd0_lenght : CR3-specific length of exif and ifd0 sections.
  • imgdata.sizes.raw_inset_crop rearranged:
    now it is imgdata.sizes.raw_inset_crops[2]:
    • item at [0] is the same as imgdatra.sizes.raw_inset_crop in previous ersions
    • item at [1] is 'user crop', in particular:
      • set by DNG DefaultUserCrop tag
      • or set via raw aspect ratio tags (e.g. 16:9 aspect on Fujifilm cameras) raw_inset_crops[1] is filled only if aspect ratio tags provides different aspect ratio compared to raw_inset_crops[0].
    There are no flags to check if raw_inset_crops[Nth] is filled; to see if it is filled check the values of:
      ctop/cleft standard values if not initialized)
      ctop+cheight cleft+cwidth Note: raw_inset_crops may be fooled by metadata (makernotes), use some correctness check before use.
    • LIBRAW_RAWOPTIONS_USE_DNG_DEFAULT_CROP processing flag removed, DNG DefaultCrop* tags are parsed into raw_inset_crops[0]
    • new LibRaw call LibRaw::adjust_to_raw_inset_crop(unsigned mask, float maxcrop = 0.55f)
      Promotes imgdata.sizes.raw_inset_crops[] values to imgdata.sizes.*margin and imgdata.sizes.width/height fields
      mask: if bit 1 is set: prefer raw_inset_crops[1]
      if bit 0 is set: prefer raw_inset_crops[0]

      maxcrop: limits crop to not less than (original width/height)*maxcrop; if raw_inset_crops[i] data results in tighter crop, than this item is ignored.

      return value: index in raw_inset_crops[] used increased by one, so
      0: no changes made
      1: [0]th data used
      2: [1]th data used

      Note: this call SHOULD be used after LibRaw::unpack(), otherwise black level calculation from masked area may be fooled resulting in wrong black levels.

    • Shared library version incremented to disallow automated upgrades (will not work because of ABI change)

    Metadata parsing improvements

    • Olympus makernotes parsing: LiveND mode, Panorama mode tags.
    • Fuji GFX100/GFX100S: PixelShift metadata extraction.
    • Fuji RAF files: XMP block extraction

    Misc improvements, limits implemented, etc

    • Canon/12-bit files: adjust color.linear_max and values to match data range.
    • DNG/Floating point: additional metadata check to refuse ambiguous/corrupted files.
    • DNG/Floating point: correct handling of striped files (never seen in wild)
    • Rawspeed support: disallow Nikon D6/Compressed processing
    • Compile-time raw size limits implemented:
      LIBRAW_MAX_NONDNG_RAW_FILE_SIZE - max file size for non-DNG files (default: 2GB - 1 byte)
      LIBRAW_MAX_DNG_RAW_FILE_SIZE - max DNG file size limit (4GB-1 if compiled w/ DNG SDK, 2GB-1 overwise)
    • samples/raw-identify.cpp: -v flag documented in usage print.
    • src/libraw_cxx.cpp completely removed from source tree to not confuse users. (also all mentions are removed from Makefiles)
    • clang-cl compatibility:
      - defines _MSC_VER, but _forceinline is not supported
      - warnings eliminated in Windows buffered datastream
    • XMP block size in CR3 files limited to 1MB
    • Preview block size in CR3 files limited to 100MB
    • Improved Phase One Compressed defects masking, thanks to Alexey Danilchenko
    • CRX (CR3) decoder: fixed typo in constant; this does not affect any known still photo (CR3) sample(s), but allows to use the decoder with some video (CRM) files.
    • Imported user-contributed improvements to OpenMP postprocessing (AHD and X-Trans demosaic)
    • ACES output: color conversion changed to provide D65 white point
    • Fix for Canon 5D Mark II/sRAW1 incorrect camera provided crop
    • RawSpeed (master): fixed bug in old Samsung/compressed decoder, apply this patch to RawSpeed: RawSpeed/
    • DCI-P3 and Rec 2020 output colorspaces
    • Eliminated multiple signed/unsigned mismatch warnings (reported by gcc11)
    • Fixed a typo in LIBRAW_OPTIONS_* flag names (was LIBRAW_OPIONS, old flags names not removed due to compatibility)


    • fixed possible 1-byte stack underrun while handling text tags with zero lengh
    • Fixed wrong handling of linear DNG files created from Pentax out-of-camera DNGs
    • Bugfix: overwrite (wrong) TIFF/Orientation tag value with Metadata/Camera Orientation value for EOS 40D only.