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X-Trans processing slow

I'm having the same issues with libraw. Processing X-Trans files takes much longer than processing Bayer files.
I'm using the C-API version "0.19.5-Release".
I used the default params (I don't now which interpolation algorithm it is using). I tried digging into the source code to see whats going on, but couldn't figure out what exactly takes that much time in the libraw_dcraw_process call.
Here a few logs:

Opening file: "test.RAF"
libraw_open_file: 2.4638ms
libraw_unpack: 331.530498ms
libraw_dcraw_process: 18.465117336s
libraw_dcraw_make_mem_image: 258.297201ms
tiff.write_image: 64.792601ms (not libraw-function)

Opening file: "test.CR2"
libraw_open_file: 3.3209ms
libraw_unpack: 657.3599ms
libraw_dcraw_process: 720.410201ms
libraw_dcraw_make_mem_image: 63.3256ms
tiff.write_image: 50.7873ms (not libraw-function)

Has anyone looked into this problem already?

Thanks in advance