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imgdata.image[] is processing

imgdata.image[] is processing array. After dcraw_process() it contains 16-bit linear data in [0..2] components and some garbabe in [3]

To implement exposure correction one may use params settings as described in library manual

-- Alex Tutubalin

Yes, I know there are some processing tools alredy...
Exposure was just an example. And I allready found other programs using LibRaw for opening raws for postprocessing. But I couldn't figure out wich data they use to process yet. Because using the final RGB data gives just limited processing possibilities. That was the reason for extracting all these values to an xls.

Or in other words to make it maybe more clear for me:
When I use the PS/LR sliders for exposre, shadows, highlights, sharpness, etc, which is the "corresponding LibRaw data" they "would" use for processing? Does that question make sense to you? Do these sliders use the final RGB values you helped me with, or do they use other data, like the .imgdata.image?