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Building shared library on all OS's

Hello everybody,

I have written an opensource media management application ( and want to integrate libraw into my app.

My app is written with JavaFX and therefore I want to use libraw via the newly ability of JDK16 to access native libs (C Libs) without writing any glue code.

To archive that I need any native lib in form of a shared C-lib (.so, .dylib, .dll). I have checkout the github sources (master branch) and have used the Makefile.dist (I have not found to build the lib on OSX and Linux. The result is that I am getting a static lib (.a) but no .dylib/.so. The precompiled libs from 0.18 release are to old to be used under OSX. How can I build a shared lib out of the actual one ?

Can you give me an example or what I have to change in the Makefile.dist to get the shared lib ?

I would appreciate if you can help me to archive this and sorry that I have only base C++ knowledge and do not know how to get the lib on all OS's.