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Trying to use libRAW 0.20.2 in FreeImage 3.18.x


maybe someone can help me with this:
-> I am trying to get the actual LibRaw 0.20.2 into FreeImage 3.18.0. Due to the reorganized code in LibRaw 0.20.2 i get the following error in the PluginRAW.cpp of FreeImage: "Identifier 'substream' not declared"

It seems the 'substream' has been declared within LibRaw before, with the version 0.19_201910_snapshot and the 0.19.5 rc it works fine to put the LibRaw code into FreeImage 3.18.x and build that library.

Hopefully someone has an idea, as a I am trying to figure this out for days...

Thanks in advance,