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Hi Alex, I decode a leica M8

Hi Alex, I decode a leica M8 DNG file with unprocessed_raw compiled with adobe DNG SDK 1.5.1, after RawProcessor.unpack() with LIBRAW_SUCCESS return, I found both RawProcessor.imgdata.rawdata.color3_image and RawProcessor.imgdata.rawdata.color4_image is NULL. I can not get that unprocessed raw data. But use dcraw_emu without adobe DNG SDK, I can get a tiff file. and I can get an unprocessed data tiff file (called stage 1 data) with dng_validate, which is a sample of adobe dng sdk.
the sample file is here:
another sample of Leica DMR DNG:
the same problem as M8. :-(
thank you for your response

-- Ye.