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Pink Clouds with LibRaw 0.20.0

Hi all.

I'm getting pink clouds when trying to convert a RAW to a TIF/JPEG with LibRaw 0.20.0. I've run into this a while ago in fact, when using the RawPy wrapper library for Python.

Here's the RAW file in question, along with the TIF I get from LibRaw. I'm running the following:

./dcraw_emu -H 0 -o 1 -W -q 3 -w -T -g 1 1 -c 0.75 4.CR2

I've tried different values for "adjust_maximum_thr" (the -c option), and it has absolutely no effect whatsoever. Interestingly, Adobe Camera RAW, RawTherapee, and DarkTable are all unaffected by this issue. All help on this would be much appreciated; I need to get past this issue ASAP.