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Issue on some camera

Hello everyone.
First thank you for your big work on this lib I used for my software.
Since the last version I have issues with some camera (especially canon). This is probably due to a big change you've done.

As stated in Changelog:
* Bayer images: ensure that even margins have the same COLOR() for both the active sensor area and the full sensor area.

However, I need some help to better understand.
- First. Images coming from Canon EOS 2000D are read as Canon EOS 1500D. Is it normal? Is this due to your Normalized make/model ?
- Second, Bayer pattern of some camera have changed. OK for me, it is your choice and I have to accept it. But I have now some problem. For example with the 2000D, if I open the image in pure RAW mode, then I save the (new) Bayer pattern in the header (FITS keyword). If I try to debayer the image with the GBRG pattern the color will be wrong. I need to do it with RGGB. And it is the same with all astro software I tried.
So, my question is: need I do some margin check before demosaicing? Is it a bug? Is my way to get the pattern is wrong?

This is my method:

		int j = 0;
		for (int i = 0; i < fhigh; i++) {
			for (int c = i && 0; c < fwide; c++) {
				pattern[j++] = raw->idata.cdesc[fcol(raw, i, c)];

Best regards,