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Think I figured it out

I think I figured it out.

For Super-CCD sensors, there is a 45 degree rotation applied to the image. So the height/width fields in sizes report the bounding box that is needed to store this rotated image i.e. if you apply a 45 degree rotation on an image with dimensions 2177 rows and 2894 cols, u will need a buffer of size 3587 x 3588 pixels to store it. It will have a bunch of black pixels around the image. So, image contains height*width*4*2 bytes.

A few follow up questions I have are:
1. Does COLOR() function work for these types of images? Because for this specific image, cdesc is "RGBG" and COLOR(0, 0), COLOR(0, 1), COLOR(1, 0) and COLOR(1, 1) are 0, 2, 1, 3 respectively which results in a "RBGG" Bayer Pattern but I don't think that is correct because these are not really Bayer images?

2. Which fields/props in imgdata do I use to detect these kinds of files such that i can update my copying code suitably? The call to raw2image is not needed for typical Bayer or X-Trans sensors. You can copy from raw_image or color3_image etc.

Appreciate your help.