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Noticeable difference between LibRaw and dcraw in DNG processing


I'm experimenting with DNG images loading. I'm using LibRaw and I'm trying to achieve the same result as with dcraw processing, but I can't. White balance is different (see. image in the attachement).

dcraw command I'm using (it's dcraw 9.26 built from the source code):

dcraw -h sunset.dng

dcraw_emu command (it's LibRaw 0.20 built from the sources):

dcraw_emu -h -c 0 sunset.dng

Source image: sunset.dng
dcraw result: sunset_dcraw.ppm
dcraw_emu result: sunset_emu.ppm

Could it be that LibRaw and dcraw uses different default white balance settings? For example, different illuminants?

Image icon Comparison of the processing results227.78 KB