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1) GPR SDK includes Adobe DNG SDK v1.4 dated May 2012 (according to $datetime in comments).
In this version, dng_info's fIFD and fChainedIFD are AutoPtr arrays of fixed size.

2) In Adobe DNG SDK v1.4 dated June 2015, same fields are std::vector

This is very minor change, it should be easy to adopt, but I do not see any way to distinguish two SDKs at compile time.
It could be selectable by user w/ additional #define (like USE_OUTDATED_DNG_SDK :)

We'll try to solve this problem in beta update (need some time to set-up testbed with outdated DNG SDK included w/ GPR).

Right now we've updated DNG/GPR readme files only:

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC