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Perhaps I lost patience when

Perhaps I lost patience when you wouldn't explain in the first instance why you felt the change was necessary. If so my apologies for letting my impatience show up in the tone of my posts. I entirely accept you consider the change to be right, but please why won't you explain your logic to people like me who are left to pick the pieces after you make an imcompatible change. From my perspective the conversation went a bit like this:

Me: You broke it
You: Yes but you can comment out these lines to make it like it was
Me: Oh OK how about making this configurable by an ifdef
You: No that would break things
Me: Please explain what/why
You: Silence.

"Since you allow yourself to dictate what we should do and how we should do it, we are forced to reduce our answers to the bare minimum."

I wasn't dictating what you should do by and large, I was mostly making suggestions such as different CFA for the user area and the full image. But rather than engaging in a dialog, you provided bare minimum answers which just might be the reason that I became frustrated and made one or two somewhat snarky remarks.

TBH if you had explained the whys and wherefores I in the first instance I might well have gone away happy. Now not so much. I just don't get why you folks won't explain stuff.

David Partridge