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Not a D60 this is a 60D -

Not a D60 this is a 60D - quite different.

If I change the code to use the full sensor area for all image types, then I will face an uproar from all the users it is just as bad as using a different margin.

I've put a sample image on DropBox

Note that the images returning filters=0 are also rendered by LibRaw with incorrect colours? I note that these are not FULL size raw images, but mRaw in Canon parlance (medium size Raw).

These images also exhibit the same behaviour in 0.19.

*** UPDATE ***
I just spent 1/2 hour reading up about sRaw and mRaw - they aren't Raw at all!!! I can now see why they are reported with filters=0 and as a colour image. However the colours are still wrong!
*** END UPDATE ***

PS you still haven't explained to me why the previous behaviour needed to be changed.

David Partridge