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Hey Alex, thanks for the

Hey Alex, thanks for the reply! I'm aware that I will have to adjust for the mask and for the low contrast in the negative. At this point I just want to get the inversion step right so that I can be a little more certain that my overall approach will work. I updated my code as you suggested, but I'm still getting an entirely magenta image. Here's my loop:

for(int i = 0;i < ImageProcessor.imgdata.sizes.iwidth *  ImageProcessor.imgdata.sizes.iheight; i++) {
    int inverted_value = ImageProcessor.imgdata.color.maximum - ImageProcessor.imgdata.rawdata.raw_image[i] + 512;
    ImageProcessor.imgdata.rawdata.raw_image[i] = inverted_value;

This is the original images:
And this is the output of that code: